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​Help Tool for UI Sta​​ff​

Does your agency struggle with keeping policies and procedure manuals up to date and consistent? Or retaining knowledge when people move, leave, or retire?

Unemployment insurance (UI) laws, policies and procedures (both state and federal) are ever-changing, and their associated documents for staff reference need to be updated on an ongoing basis. At the same time, UI staff, at all levels from Call Center front lines to management, need access to this information quickly and efficiently.

Information Technology Support Center (ITSC) recently assisted the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training with the selection, development and deployment of an online help tool to support the state UI staff in its efforts to modernize its business processes, and deliver UI customer services more efficiently and effectively. ITSC assisted RI in selecting an electronic document management system and customized it to best fit the state's needs. This help tool was built as an in-house central repository for UI staff to access information easily and for management to disseminate policy and procedure document updates quickly and efficiently. The tool allows all documentation to be indexed and searchable, linked to other relevant content, and organized using metadata and tagging. In addition, ITSC and RI conducted end user training for state staff, created templates and guides for using the tool, and developed taxonomy and naming conventions for organizing documents on the new tool.​

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