Workforce Connect

Workforce Connect is a software suite that helps states implement WIOA by connecting partners and providing a seamless experience for job seekers. By acting as the “common front door” for workforce agencies’ programs and systems – including UI, employment services and workforce/training - states can transform how they deliver services under WIOA.

Workforce Connect was designed by ITSC and three pilot states – New York, Mississippi and Oregon – through a grant from the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. The end result is a customizable software suite available to all states that enhances the overall user experience while providing agencies with the necessary information.

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How it works

Workforce Connect is a three-module software suite. The modules can operate on their own, or work together as one application. Workforce Connect does not replace the existing systems in place at the state level, but augments the system with a single view for the job seeker.

The modules are:

  • Single Sign On

    • Single sign on provides the first level of access and authorization to the state’s ancillary applications. It eliminates the need for the user to have multiple user IDs and passwords, streamlining the login process. This also assists states with a single location to manage and maintain user access and privileges.
  • Integrated Registration

    • This module was created so job seekers do not need to enter their personal information multiple times for different services. Data such as demographics, work history and profile information is entered by the job seeker at the beginning of the process, eliminating redundant activity.
    • The need for nightly batch processing is eliminated because Workforce Connect enables real-time data transfer between systems using various Web services.
  • Workforce Profile Dashboard

    • The Profile Dashboard connects various systems and information to display job matches, training opportunities, job fairs and workshops, unemployment insurance claim information, even social media feeds, for a personalized experience for the job seeker.
      This information, presented in a user friendly way, can help the job-seeker receive multiple services, ask questions, check the status of inquiries and payments all online, eliminating calls to the agency while ensuring he or she has the important information they need.

Features and Benefits

Getting Started


​My Reemployment Plan

The My Reemployment Plan (eMRP) is an online tool to help jobseekers through their job search journey, from creating goals to preparing for the interview, and all those small steps in between. Useful tools, tips and activities in the eMRP can help in planning the next career move and landing that perfect job! By using the eMRP, jobseekers can learn about emerging careers and industries, use social media in the job search, and improve their overall work search and career planning effort. And it’s mobile friendly. Below is a short video showcasing the features of the eMRP for the jobseeker.

Introducing the eMRP - One Pager